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One Second After

One Second After

Several years ago I read an amazing novel that changed my life and perspective on the world!  It further made me realize how common skills and knowledge of basic living has been lost by our dependence on technology.  This book, One Second After, is a realistic look into our potential future.  In the novel, there was an attack on the United States by way of an EMP, an electrical magnetic pulse, that completely decimates and literally fries everything that has a microchip. EVERYTHING! Yes, even automobiles!  That means no trucks to deliver the food to the supermarkets and restaurants that do not have electricity or refrigeration.  There goes those novel conveniences we are so dependent on!  Sounds like science fiction, ay?   Unfortunately, it is all to real: An EMP is created when a nuke is detonated overhead in the atmosphere.  Similarly, a massive solar flare from the Sun can also do the same damage.  In any event, the book illustrates how fast society would implode.  There was massive die offs starting with people reliant on medical care within hospitals and nursing homes.  People with seemingly normal medical conditions such as diabetes died without production and refrigeration of their insulin.  It became perfectly apparent that we currently do not know how to survive without the conveniences we are so dependent on. The characters in the novel became desperate without food to feed themselves and their children.  What would you do to feed your children?  Scary stuff to think about indeed!  It was a real eye opener!  I then realized that it wouldn't even take something this catastrophic to shatter the thin veneer of civility that we take for granted.  I was sickened to come to the realization that even with my fancy degrees, I didn't know or understand the essentials!  I asked myself: "Without shopping at a grocery store, would I know how to provide food for my family?  If I was lucky enough to hunt and kill an animal in desperate times, would I know how to process it?  Would I know how to start a fire without a lighter?   Without a prescription from the pharmacy, would I know how to overcome illness and injury?"  I felt inadequate as a person, as a man, as a human.  How and why did we allow ourselves to become so dependent on the system?

Many high ranking officials have gone on record to say: "it is not a matter of if, it's a matter of when."   Want to learn more about this devastating disaster that would take us back to living like the 1800's?   The video below is a cut & dry / in your face explanation on what an EMP is and how to prepare both mentally and physically. 

This is an excerpt from the book "E.M.P. - Equipping Modern Patriots"  by Jonathan Hollerman
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