Tobacco Plant Seeds - Kentucky Brown Cultivar

Tobacco Plant Seeds - Kentucky Brown Cultivar


Over 1,000+ Tobacco Plant Seeds (Kentucky Brown)

Gold/Silver will always provide a store of value.  Seeds grow food.  Ammo protects. Medicine sustains life. And even alcohol has medical uses.  But Why grow tobacco? If you use tobacco, you can save a lot of money by growing your own! As a gardener, I appreciate their bright pink flowers and it deters garden pests! As someone who is into preparedness, Tobacco has numerous uses and they are not minor either. Do you remember the time when the US military would provide cigarettes in the rations for soldiers? Cigarettes can be a hot commodity, especially during lean times when they aren’t easily available. Tobacco is considered one of the top 10 barter items in a SHTF scenario. Think about it, if you have the ability to constantly produce this addictive commodity, you'd be very rich (by apocalyptic standards....) and barter it for whatever you wish. Growing your own tobacco is surprisingly simple. If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow tobacco. Tobacco grows easily throughout the United States.

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Kentucky Brown Tobacco hung to dry

Kentucky Brown Tobacco hung to dry

Tobacco is a common item that you’ll see in almost every blog about the “Top 10 SHTF Barter Item.”  Unfortunately, most of these articles fail to truly illuminate the multitude of valuable survival uses of this underrated barter item. Tobacco isn’t just for smoking. Tobacco can be used medicinally, it can improve food production, and can be a sustainable currency.

The fact is that approximately 50 million people in the US smoke cigarettes, and many millions more smoke pipes, chew tobacco, etc. So, anyone who has tobacco to trade under conditions of chaos is going to find many people ready to make a deal.  I’d also wager that even non-smokers would be prone to start using tobacco to relieve their new-found stress created by all the chaos. 

Cigarettes have a long history of being used as currency. During the Long period of economic hardship known as the Great Depression, large numbers of Americans lost their jobs, their homes, and their savings.  Still, tobacco companies’ sales remained steady.  Then, as now, people addicted to nicotine found it difficult to give up cigarette smoking, no matter how little money they possessed.  To maintain demand, the government subsidized farmers’ land to ensure there was no over-production of tobacco.  Similarly when Germany’s currency, the Reichsmark, was weakened after World War II, cigarettes were commonly used in black market barters between Allied soldiers and Germans.

So, am I recommending to start stockpiling cartons and cartons of expensive cigarettes that will quickly go stale?  No way, I’m talking about learning how to grow the real thing, Nicotiana Tabacum! Contrary to popular belief, growing tobacco is not some specialized skill set that takes years to master!   Be assured that anyone can grow their own tobacco anywhere, even in a container on a balcony in an urban environment. Seriously, if you can grow tomatoes, you can grow tobacco!   Tomatoes and Tobacco are even in the same plant family. 

One of the smartest thing you can do this upcoming summer is to experiment by planting your own Nicotiana Tabacum plant.  They are surprisingly attractive plants with beautiful flowers!  The variety I always recommend, Kentucky Brown, is one of the best for making fine smoking cigarette tobacco, it can grow to 8 feet with massive leaves to 3 feet long and 1-1/2 feet wide or better. My seeds are heirloom, grown in the USA, and no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers of any kind were used ever.  

We always start our plants indoors in flats about 6 to 8 weeks prior to when we plan on setting the plants out. The seeds are very small and the newly sprouted plant is actually hard to see! (it takes about 300,000 seeds just to add up to an ounce!!) The real trick to a great germination is to sow the seed on top of the growing medium (never bury them) as tobacco seeds are light sensitive and require light to germinate, as well as being kept constantly moist.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, whether relating to this seed lot sale or tobacco growing in general. I am happy to answer any growing questions you have.

**If you want an idiot-proof guide that holds your hand throughout the entire growing, cutting, curing process, then I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the following guide: