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5 Gallon Bucket Emergency Water Filtration System - Bucket Project #1

5 Gallon Bucket Emergency Water Filtration System - Bucket Project #1

With all the fancy water filtration systems out there comes a lot of fancy prices!

Here is a low-tech and cost effective approach to making your own 5 gallon filtration system by just using two 5-gallon buckets.

The ceramic drip filter in this kit (you supply the buckets) removes 99.999% bacteria, reduces / removes virus, also reduces/removes fluoride, and reduces/removes arsenic (confirmed by Ceutical Lab, a FDA registered laboratory)

This 0.2 micron filter, filled with a carbon based media, removes water-borne bacterium with an efficiency which exceeds NSF standards. The ceramic filter can be cleaned with a soft brush at least 100 times, and it produces 12-15 gallons of drinking water per day. This system includes a ceramic filter, filter sock, and spigot.


This  inexpensive gravity drip system can be used with water from a lake, rain, tap, river or stream and in an hour you will have bacteria free water to drink in the bottom bucket.

You can buy these kits on Amazon.com.   Shop around for the best price!



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