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The Ultimate Survival Food: Pemmican

 This survival food known as Pemmican was utilized by Native Americans scouts and early western explorers who were on the go for a great length of time.  Pemmican is known for being highly portable, energy packed, nutrient dense, and filling.  Best of all,would last for long periods of time!  How long?   Well, recently a 50 year old piece of pemmican was discovered and was deemed edible for consumption.   I'm not so sure I'd be willing to taste--test that particular pemmican, but in a survival situation. it might start to look very tempting!

Pemmican is light, compact, high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and if done properly can last anywhere from a few years (decades) up to a lifetime without refrigeration!

Pemmican consists of lean, dried meat which is crushed to a powder and mixed with powdered dry berries and then with hot, rendered fat.

Complete sustenance could be obtained from pemmican, drawing on the fat for energy, the protein for strength and vitamins for health. There are a few cases in history of people living for months only from pemmican alone.

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Lessons Learned:  There was a reality based TV show called "The Colony" on the Discovery Channel.  The show is basically a controlled experiment where a group individuals are placed in an isolated urban setting, where a hypothetical global catastrophe has occurred and the group has to try to rebuild with whatever they can find. They have basically an entire city to themselves and they can take over any property or resources they wish, but there are hired actors who act as thugs and looters to threaten and terrorize the members of the group to test their boundaries.

They were placed in situations where less fortunate survivors (actors) would beg the cast for some of their food stores.  The group was divided in their hospitality and it actually caused major turmoil within the group itself. Half of the group understood that their current rations did not permit for any instances of charity.  However, other members of the group had sympathy for beggars such as children or the elderly.

One thing was clear.  Once beggars knew food was available, they kept coming back again and again.  The major mistake that was made that the group leaked the location of their food storage which lead to it getting looted. 

The solution would had been to have given the beggars a map to a single cache  of pemmican far away from the colony. 

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