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"Hidden Storage" Books


Being that I have a police/private security background I have written many theft reports in my time.  It peeves me that so many people either leave their valuables in plain sight or try to hide them in cliche places (like under the mattress). 

One of my all time favorite but under rated shows on TV was "It Takes a Thief."   In the show a former criminal gone good who was skilled in house burglaries would break into and ransack houses outfitted with hidden cameras.  The family would come home to devastation.  Shortly after, the burglar and TV show host would bring back all the stolen possessions, give the family security tips, and pay for security renovations such as security alarms, safes., etc. They also informed the audience how they could also improve their home security.

Below is a neat idea to hide either valuables or unsightly objects such as a router or air freshener.


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