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Super Easy Survival Bread (SESB)

In the Reality Based TV Show "The Colony," a group of strangers with different skill sets team up to try to survive a local disaster.   The cast were secured within their compound with limited food stores but it didn't take long before outsiders were at their gate and begging for handouts.  The group was divided and even fought  over whether or not their group should donate some of their limited food stores to desperate and hungry beggars. 


If they had access to the below recipe for Super Easy Survival Bread (SESB) that requires only water and flour, they could have all agreed to have some "SESB" pre-made for those in need.


***Tactically speaking, the best way to help the needy without being taken advantage of is to have small caches buried away from your secured location.  A map to each location could be given to those who deserve your group's help.

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