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[How-To] Make Old-Fashioned Refrigerated Dill Pickles

It absolutely amazes me sometimes how far removed people are from our food...

I was talking with someone today who legitimately thought pickles grew from a pickle plant...reallllly!?

As I write this, it is mid-summer and my cucumber vine is fruiting like crazy!   I  have to start thinking of how to preserve this years harvest...


Pickles are super easy to make at home, on your own, from cucumbers you've bought at the farmers market or grown in your own backyard.  Its important not to use cucumbers you buy from the typical grocery store as they are coated with a waxy preservative substance that inhibits the pickling process...

Using cucumbers you've grown yourself is a very rewarding process!   There is no need to be intimidated by growing cucumbers...they are one of that simplest things to grow besides tomatoes and peppers...

Almost as simple ... is the actual pickling process.  Check it out here:

How to Make Old-Fashioned Refrigerated Dill Pickles


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