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T - 5 Days: "What do you mean there are no wall outlets in the forest!?!?!?"

Being that I'm not in the best shape that I've ever been in, I was more than ecstatic to get my hands on an e-bike.   Ahead of me will be just about every variation of terrain imaginable.  The pedal assist of an e-bike would greatly keep my spirits from crashing and an exhilarating experience turning exhausting.  I've done due diligence in my research and have found many others whohave ventured across country on an electric bike.   Most carried spare batteries and one notably had a massive solar panel on the trailer of her e-bike.  

A decided the spare (but heavy) battery was the best option for me.   The extra weight is well worth the extra power.  Each battery of the particular bike I chose to ride takes approximately 5 hours to recharge.  Traveling 35-80 miles per day and then charging the batteries at night while you sleep is an ideal solution!   However, my master plan was crushed when I had learned that our new route had us going through (and sleeping in) mostly remote areas of the country!

I could no longer plan on charging my batteries overnight.  I tried to think of alternatives such as taking a five hour break at Starbucks during the day.  Maybe I could get some computer work done while my batteries recharge?   This seemed like a viable but lengthy option that would severely separate me from the pack. 

Perhaps I can just go without batteries for a few days, I thought to myself.   With 5 days left I needed to test this out.  I fully loaded up my bike with gear and rode 50 miles in two days with the battery and motor turned off.   The verdict: I wanted to give up on life altogether!   Riding a fully loaded regular bike is difficult enough, but the added weight of the two batteries and the bike's motor seemed to double the bike's weight.  It was absolutely unbearable!

Epiphany:  Things with batteries work best when you can keep them charged.

Don't get me wrong ...   E-bikes are AMAZING!   They are super versatile and allow people to fall in love with biking all over again!  Seriously,  it's a sure fire way to awaken your inner child!  There was only ONE circumstance that would prevent an e-bike from becoming the hands down best option for travel...and that's traveling long distances through the wilderness - go figure!

Back to the drawing board with the clock ticking!!!   Eeeeeek!




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