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This Summer, May of 2017, I will be joining fellow eco-warrior Rob Greenfield on his next crazy adventure.  The group will be biking all across the country from New York to Seattle in service of others and the Earth.  The "Green Riders" will be helping others to grow their own food and live more sustainably. We’ll be starting gardens at people’s homes, at schools, and in the communities of small towns and urban cities in every state that we pass through. Plus we’ll be Freestyle Gardening all over the country! Each place that we pass through will be left a slightly better place than we found it.

We’ll also be stopping into many farms and gardens across the country to learn from the amazing things they are doing as well as share their work. We’ll visit permaculture farms, organic farms, off the grid homesteads, sustainability centers, and more.  I am also excited to promote biking to everyone I meet. 

We are cycling 3,700 miles from New York City to Seattle, Washington leaving a path of goodness everywhere we go. We will be:

  • Starting small gardens in communities, front yards, schools, church yards in every state.
  • Freestyle gardening, planting food in unused places across the country.
  • Planting native wildflowers to help the struggling honeybee populations.
  • Planting fruit trees .
  • Establishing a community fruit tree orchard in one lucky city.
  • Volunteering at gardens, farms, and nonprofits.
  • Setting up compost bins and rain water harvesting units to help others .
  • Randomly beautifying rundown places .
  • ...And so much more!
Safety Meeting

Safety Meeting

Starting May 29th, 2017

Starting May 29th, 2017