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So you want to start your own blog....?

One of the most common asked questions I get is "how do I start my own blog so I can quit my job?"

There are so many different options out there it can get really confusing.   I stumbled and wasted tons of money and time learning the ins and outs.  It is my intention to give you a head start on the process by giving you a crash course.  Of course, this is only My opinion and you have to ultimately choose what works for you.   This is what works for me...

I need you to understand that there is a very big difference in being an awesome company, and a company with great marketing.   When I first got into websites, I thought GoDaddy was the top echelon of internet website makers, but I was very wrong.  It turns out that they just have really incredible marketing.  I've had many issues with them in the past.  CurrentlIy, I  think they are garbage.

You will need to purchase two separate items:


Think of this like your house address.  This is your "www" website name that people that people will type in to find your webpage.  At this point, its like GPSing your home address and coming to your property without a house on it yet.

I always recommend going through Namecheap to buy domain names.  The best domain names are  only 1-2 words long.    This can be very tricky to find a creative name that isn't already taken.   Also, always try to procure the ".com" of the website you want.   It is the most common and logical choice when people start typing in a website name.


You can think of hosting like the actual house that your address is connected to. There are a few really greatly marketed hosting platforms available, but what do I think?   I thought you'd never ask!  ;-)   Again, stay away from GoDaddy.   Wordpress has been very popular throughout the years.  There are lots of "Plugins" which allow you to do some pretty awesome things.  However, Wordpress has a STEEP learning curve.  Trying to learn how it works made me want to pull my non existent hair out!

I've heard good things about Wix, but even better things about Squarespace (which is what I use and swear by).  It is very intuitive and the templates are pretty amazing!